Maíre, 17 years old

Mairéad "Máire" (Pronunciation: MOI-rah) Madeleine Weasley (14 August 2020, Londonderry, Norther-Ireland) is the second child and only daughter of Romy McDylan and Charlie Weasley. She is the four year younger sister of Rowan and the cousin of amongst other, Dominique Weasley, Sander Weasley and Vicki McDylan.

Early life Edit

Just like her brother Rowan, Máire has physical traits of both her parents. Her eyes are blue like her mother's but she has red hair like her father. Her skin is almost as pale as her mothers just as her hair is straight, but freckles appear as she gets older and give the illusion of a tan. Her name comes from her grandmother, who was called Cassandra Mairéad. Her nickname is a personal request by Máire who doesn't feel like Mairéad suits her and likes Máire more.

At Hogwarts she is sorted into Gryffindor like her brother and father, but only because her mother told her that she could ask the sorting hat to do that. He was contemplating between those houses, and she choose Gryffindor. She becomes a Prefect in her fifth year too, just like her brother, and eventually Head Girl too. She doesn't join the Quidditch team though, she decides to join the Duelling Club.